Conveyancing is what lawyers call the legal process which transfers the ownership of a property from the seller to the purchaser.

In very broad terms, there are three stages to a normal transaction: -

  • Concluding a contract (referred to as “Missives” by lawyers).
  • Checking the title deeds to ensure they are in order.
  • Preparing and registering the necessary deeds transferring ownership.

Every sale and purchase is different and unfortunately not every one is straight forward.  That is why it is essential to give careful consideration to choosing your solicitor.

At Miller Hendry, each of our solicitors has a wealth of experience and the technical skills to ensure that each transaction is processed as smoothly as possible. We also appreciate the importance of each transaction to each client. Our solicitors are locally based and therefore have the added benefit of knowing the properties which they are buying and selling. We believe it is beneficial to clients to have an “in-house” conveyancing department and we offer value for money by providing all our services within one local firm.

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